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Concrete Flatwork And Industrial Repair

Potholes and cracked weathered surfaces can damage equipment or be dangerous to anyone traveling over them if not dealt with in a timely manner.

We provide full-service solutions for designing and implementing new concrete surfaces and can repair industrial flatwork with minimal interruption to your schedule.

Need an equipment pad? Interior/exterior concrete traffic surface? We’re the experts for you. Contact us to discuss your concrete construction needs.

flatwork, clouse, construction, sidewalk
flatwork, construction
Elevated slab

Located at the East Green in Tiffin, Ohio featured exterior concrete side walks winding around the park with many different radius. 

Utilizing the latest in concrete technology and laser screeds Clouse Construction is a able to handle large pours for large warehousing  projects.

Clouse Construction is equipped to handle elevated slabs and mezzanines with concrete floors.

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