How Construction Delivery Methods Affect Your Project

Our 40+ years of experience and industry-leading expertise means we can complete your project using any of the standard construction delivery methods. We’re able to adapt the way we work and select the best construction delivery type to fit your project’s unique needs.

  • design-bid-build


    A traditional method to deliver a project, the project owner separately hires an architect to perform the design, and then the contractor completes it according to those specifications.

  • design-build
    Construction Delivery Method


    In this construction delivery method, a single design and build team works together from the beginning to deliver a unified approach throughout the project.

  • construction, management, risk
    Construction Delivery Method

    Construction Management at Risk (CMr)

    In this method, the contractor, or construction manager, agrees to adhere to a guaranteed maximum price for the project, regardless of overages incurred.

  • cm, agency
    Construction Delivery Method

    Construction Management – Agency

    In this scenario, the construction management agency acts as the owner’s dedicated representative in every stage of the project, which is a fee-based service.

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